26Soluciones has experience of over 10 years knowledge of the technology market.
When we find a quality product with high added value to the distribution channel, we focus heavily on him.
As a result of this policy, we closed the wholesale distribution agreements for the following products:
  • eScan Wholesale
    26Soluciones is a wholesale distributor of award-winning eScan Antivirus and Security Solutions. Support of a direct sales from our distributors, provide the necessary assistance for increasing the volume of data security business needs.

  • Wholesale of Inktec
    26Soluciones is a wholesale of InkTec manufacturers inks and papers. We provide for our distributors a product 100% reliable with total quality assurance in the results. We hope the best manufacturer of inks offers high profit margins and 100% reliability in all its products.
  • Wholesale of Hama-Powerex
    26Soluciones is official Wholesale of Hama-Powerex. Hama is the award-winning manufacturer of portable power solutions. Under the brand Powerex has developed an excellent line of rechargeable batteries and professionals chargers with high performance and reliability.

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