Wholesale distributor of eScan


26 Soluciones provides to the IT distribution channel all eScan security products
As a specialized wholesale distributors, we offer more than 6 years of experience with Security products.
We specialize in pre-sales and post-sales, both commercial and technical.
We work daily with the BitDefender team, to help our customers to get their goals, solve problems and grow their profits.

The points that distinguish us are:

  • Personalized training to the sales team of the distributor.
  • Personalized training to the technical team of the distributor.
  • Guides for installation, operation and optimization of various products.
  • Sales material and customizable templates to make offers to the final client.
  • Support for special operations (government, ONG's, education, associations, small, medium and large corporations).
  • Pre-sales and post-sales recomendations for the best solution depending on the characteristics of the final customer.
  • We study for change the products of the other solutions.
  • Renewable accounts for life.
  • High margins and easy payment.
  • Send Spain Territory and worldwide between eScan Partners Network in 24/48 hours.
  • Possibility the online advancement licenses.
  • Send free POS with orders.

If you are interested in distributing BitDefender products and be part of official distribution channels, most do not hesitate and contact us.

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